26cm(10.24inch) 45W Dental Cleaner Collector Dust Collector Mobile Polishing Machine

DentalDenshineSKU: 51612076-110v

Voltage: Small 110V


Low Noise ,Low vibration
High performance protection level with high effciency dust gathering function
1. Use high efficiency centrifugal fans, special noise reduction treatment ,so that the wind more stable
2. Impoeted Qingyakeli +24V built-in LED soft light band , to protect the eyes
3. Red ,Green Color split control switch ,according to the need to control , save time , improve effcienct
4. Anti -leakage electrical protection device, protect electrical appliances ,avoid harm
5. Drawer type filter core collection of dust ,double filtration ,fast and convenient dust discharge , and conduvive to the
operato's physical and metal health
6. The ebtire aluminum alloy sandblasting and oxidation design ,light and compact ,placed by th ehart simple connection ,and more to meet the collection and cleaning of dust of different properties
Frequency:220± 22/50-60(Vhz)
Wind Speed:250-260m3/h
Wind Volume:9.5m/s

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