Dental Broken Root Drill Remnant Extractor Apical Fragments Medical Stainless Steel

denshineSKU: 620000195282-5681

Option1: 1pc Short 34.3mm


Dental Extractor Apical Root Fragments drill


1.Manufactured from High Quality Medical Grade Stainless Steel,Optimum Performance and Longevity.
2.High Quality Guaranteed.
3.Manual Extractor.
4.Extract apical root fragments easily and safely.
5.Root Fragment Manual Extractors are a simple, inexpensive solution to a complex problem.
6.With these extractors, the alveolus is left undamaged compared to the use of traditional root elevators and forceps.
7.Tapered self-tapping threads ensure a firm grip of the root fragment.
8.Safety eyelets allow for floss tie-off if desired.
9.Fully autoclavable stainless steel.

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