Dental distal cutting forceps Orthodontic filament scissors Dentist forceps stainless steel

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Option1: Distal end Cut Plier


Dental Distal End Cutting Plier Orthodontic Thin Wire Cutter Pliers Dentist Forceps Stainless Steel Wire Filament Cutter Tools


Stainless Steel Forceps Lab Pliers Thin Wire Filament Cutting Pilers
Product01: Dental Wire Filament Cutting Pilers
Product02: Dental Distal Cutter Forceps
Keywords: Distal Cutting Pliers,Dental filaments ends cutting pliers
Material :Stainless Steel
  • Suitable size

  • Smooth surface resistance to corrosion Specially selected pure stainless steel , high intensity and resistance to corrision .Refined and typical polishing technique enables smooth

  • Offer ideal shape and flexibility Weight and ideal shape design make hands comfortable and offer convenience and flexibility.

  • Endurable cutting edges Edges of cutting are embedded with high quality hard alloy (fastness is guaranteed after special welding technique ). thus cutting edges are sharp and hard.The tip inlay hard metal,make the plier more strong for long service time.

  • Tight joints and no loose after long-term use.Joints of pliers are connected in new-fashioned hinge axies and made of abrasion-resistant and wearable materials ,which insure tight joints and long-term use without loose

Use: All pliers should be used within the stipulated period, especially for orthodontic plier ,otherwise the pliers might be damaged.
Sterilization: High pressure sterilization rather than low temperature sterilization is suggested so that the pliers might not go blunt.
Clean: Pliers should be cleaned immediately afte being used,otherwise they would discolor or be oxidized. Clear and clean pliers last long
Corrosion: The pliers have a strong resistance to corrosion,However ,they would go yellow and look like rusty if not cleansed ,Rust-preventive oil  Should be used in storing the pliers.

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