Dental Air Water Spray Triple 3 Way Syringe Handpiece + 2 Nozzles Tips Tubes

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This new style air water syringe is an excellent spray system of air, water & mist with stable powerful performance
for dental treatment inquiry. Brand new in orginal package. Compact design and easy to maintain. Light weight
handpiece for easy operation. Excellent whitening tool for dentists & hygenists. Best profitable price for wordwide customers.


The syringe are made of special, highly Harm-free Aircraft-Grade Aluminum for easy to use and autoclave. And also it is designed for hand comfort .
Handle is made from Military Aircraft grade Aluminum and the Tips are constructed of solid Stainless Steel .
All Syringe Tips can be fully Autoclavable.
1. Valve Core style button operation
2. Quick-Change tip disconnect.
3. Precise control of air, water and spray.
4. Smooth contours for quick, thorough cleaning.
5. Available in standard, continental & valve core styles.
6. Uses standard autoclavable tips or disposable tips.
7. Available nozzles is full autoclavable up to 134 °C / 273 °F
8. Tips are constructed of solid alloy.
1. The left button controls the air flow volume
2. The right button controls the water flow volume
3. Pushing both buttons at the same time generates mist.
4. It can be connected with deliver unit by tube.

Packing List:

1. 3-way syringe handpiece: 1 each
2. Nozzle: 2 each

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