High Speed 50000rpm brushless micromotor & handpiece

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① When the handle is used, the handle should not be idling,
and the grinding pin must be installed.
② When installing the grinding head, the rod of the grinding head must be cleaned and cleaned,
and then loaded into the chuck.
③ Don't let water in when you are using the handpiece otherwise the handpiece will be rust.
It must clean the water out and make it dry then continue to use if water go into to handpiece.
④ The use of the foot switch must be turned off the host power,
otherwise it will affect the performance of the host circuit.
⑤ Don’t hit or make it fall down, especially the handle.
⑥ It is strictly forbidden to refuel the bearings.
Size: Moderate
Model Number: GJ-G800+Q9
Item Type: Teeth Whitening
Model Number: G800+Q9 brushless micromotor
Item type: Dental equipment
Rotary speed: 0~50,000rpm
Gross weight: 4.5kg
Collet chuck: Standard 2.35mm
Output voltage: 65W
Pacakge: Bubble bag+foam+carton
Dimension: L170mm x W160mm x H80mm, L152mmx 26mm
Application: Dental polishing
Certification: CE
Handpiece color: White color/Grey color(random color)

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