6.5X Dental Surgical Loupes 300-500mm Binocular Magnifing Glass Metal Loupe

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Ultimately high 6.5x magnification power, prismatic type binocular loupe
Higher resolutionfor the most precise operation
Maximum ease of use, combined with multi-functional capabilities
Light-weightbody and frame for maximum comfort
Heavy duty & durable
Special coatedlens for superb clarity and reduced reflection
Extra widefield of view, combined with extra deep focusrange
Generousdepth of field, extends the natural accommodationcapability of the human eye
Great workingdistance and angle of declination
Adjustablenose bridge accomodates any pupil distance, inter-pupillarydistance can be set
Provides much more powerand perfect for detailed operations such as rootcanals
Keplerian style
Magnification Power : 6.5x
Working Distance : 300-500mm
Depth of Field : 100mm
Field of View : 65mm
Frame: Titanium Alloy
Inter-pupillary Distance : 50-70mm
Weight : approx. 100g (loupe &frame)
Set Includes:
1 x New 6.5x Binocular Dental Loupes
2 x Side shields (1 set)
1 x Adjusting Tool (screwdriver)
1 x Cleaningcloth
1 x Safety HeadStrap
2 x ProtectiveLens Cap (1 set)
1 x Moisture Absorbent pack

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