6.0X Medical Loupes Surgical Binocular Loupes Dental Magnifying Glasses 6X 500mm

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This ultra-highheavy duty prism 6x magnification loupe is recommendedfor experienced user looking for the ultimate power, itutilizes prismatic (keplerian) lens system to achieve larger magnifications and produce crystal clear view with maximized field size, while maintaining minimal weight. Mounted on lightweight, high strength & heavy duty nickel alloy frame which are made durable and fit the wearer properly.It also has a special coated precision lenses for optimalamount of light transmission into your eye to provide excellent clarity and reduce light reflection thus reducing eye strain,neck pains or backache while minimizing the exposure of the patient to bright light. Lens edges & all metal and plastic surfaces are blackened to maximize image contrast.Designed with high resolution & proper focal length.
This great design allows you to adjustthe angle and focus for optimal view. It works great fora wide dental or medical applications. For the higher magnification and enhanced clarity of theimage Keplerian loupes are the best option.  


★Ultimately high 6.0x magnification power, prismatic type binocular loupe
★Higher resolutionfor the most precise operation
★Maximum ease of use, combined with multi-functional capabilities
★Light-weightbody and frame for maximum comfort
★Heavy duty & durable
★Special coatedlens for superb clarity and reduced reflection
★Extra widefield of view, combined with extra deep focusrange
★Generousdepth of field, extends the natural accommodationcapability of the human eye
★Great workingdistance and angle of declination
★Adjustablenose bridge accomodates any pupil distance, inter-pupillarydistance can be set
★Provides much more powerand perfect for detailed operations such as rootcanals


Keplerian style
Magnification Power : 6.0x
Working Distance : 300-500mm
Depth of Field : 100mm
Field of View : 65mm
Frame: Titanium Alloy
Inter-pupillary Distance : 50-70mm
Weight : approx. 100g (loupe &frame)

Set Includes: 

1 x New 6.0 Binocular Dental Loupes
2 x Side shields (1 set)
1 x Adjusting Tool (screwdriver)
1 x Cleaningcloth
1 x Safety HeadStrap
2 x ProtectiveLens Cap (1 set)
1 x Moisture Absorbent pack
1 x Black carrying case

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