5 pcs Teeth Whitening Dry Strips 1 Hour High Adhesion, Non-Slip Formula

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  • Traditional wet strip has some serious problems such as slipping around dropping from teeth when using. In addition, the layer of gel is in an condition that it's too easy to flow into oral cavity, As a result, the effect will be discounted and user feels discomfortable.
  • Our Coconut oil Elastic Dry Strip is not only advanced from traditional wet strip, but also it's the foundation of dry strip. Though not as sticky as dry strip, it provides better gluing ability to teeth and better resistance to saliva dissolubility. Owing to Its high consistency elastic gel, it will not fall off from teeth easily to guarantees enough acting time, to reach an excellent whitening effect.Four steps to replace complicated bleaching process.Teeth whitening can't be easier.
  • The tooth strip gel is dried and itself is not sticky, but it will instantly generate superior adhesion when it's in contact with teeth, use time up to 1 hour.longer time adhere to teeth , whitening agent act on teeth with more better effect.
  • Comes with mild and pleasant Coconut oil flavor, the whitening strips contain 6% peroxide whitening ingredients, which can release oxygen power to actively whiten your teeth, while will not bring any harm to your teeth.
  • Advanced non-slip technology ensure that tooth strips will not fall off the teeth,you can use them anywhere anytime.The use of tooth strips does not affect speaking and water drinking, so you can enjoy more comfortable tooth whitening.

Safety notes:

1. This product is not recommended for pregnant women or children under 12 years old. 

2.Do not use the strips in case of mouth ulcers, gum injury or after oral operations. 

3. Avoid contact with eyes. If contact occurs rinse with water immediately. 

4. Do not swallow strips. 

Package Includes:

14 Sets Teeth Whitening Strips


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