4:1 Dental Orthodontic Vertical Reciprocating Stripping IPR System

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Contra Angle:
1.4 mm stroke
Optimal torque
Vertical Reciprocating

Reciprocating IPR System:

A safe, precise and reliable method to achieve accurate interproximal stripping.
More controllable and safer for the dentist and patient than diamond discs.
Provides the flexibility that diamond and carbide burs can’t Faster and more comfortable for the patient than manual hand stripping.
Double Sided
90 micron - for use as a saw for opening contacts
60 micron - for reduction
40 micron - for contouring
25 micron - for finishing
15 micron - for pre polishing

Package includes:

1*IPR Contra Angle
1*Gauge ( from 0.1mm to 0.5mm )
10*Automatic strips



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