230W Dental Polisher Dust Vacuum Cleaner Dust Collector with LED Lamp Grinding Handle

DentaldenshineSKU: 370536

Voltage: 110V


1.This Multi-functional machine can be used for polishing , collecting dust, illuminating, which is very practical to use.and comes with grinding handle.
2.230W high power brushless pump,strong suction makes the dust collection speed more faster, so as to avoid inhaling armout dust .
3.360° rotation flexible tube can extend to 60cm with LED,and able to hold a piece of transparant cover from the edge,more convenience to collecting dust and can also be used as lighting.
4.Replaceable filter, the maintenance is very convenience, use a soft dust brush or a blower.
5.Full touch control panel and With a strong exhaust system to prevent over-heat even for a long time use.
6.The aluminum alloy handpiece has good heat dissipation,low noise, low vibration,and the speed can be adjusted from 0-30000 RPM.
Specifications :
Power: 230W
Voltage: 110V/220V
Flexible hose: 60cm length with LED
Handpiece Speed:0-30000RPM
Package Include:
1* Polisher Dust Vacuum Cleaner
1* Adapter


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