1.0MM 10Pcs Dental Fiber Post Glass Set Refill Drill Thread Files

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Straight pile


Why choose a fiber post instead of metal or ceramic?
The main reason is mechanical properties. Fiber posts simply
behave and perform differently.
1, In addition to the obvious esthetic advantages, fiber posts
cannot corrode, like base metals (including stainless steel) can.
2, Because the stiffness (Elastic Modulus) of fiber posts is like
the tooth structure, they function with the tooth instead of
against it, in helping to prevent fractures and other problems.
We have below 4 different Diameter types for your choices :
Color              Top Diameter   Bottom Diameter    Length    Package
Yellow Ring        1.00mm             0.80mm              18mm    10pcs/box
Red Ring            1.20mm             0.90mm              18mm    10pcs/box
Black Ring          1.40mm             1.00mm              18mm    10pcs/box
Green Ring         1.60mm            1.10mm               18mm    10pcs/box

Package list:

10Pcs in 1 box

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