Cordless Electric Teeth Polisher - 3 Modes

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  • The electric tooth polisher can effectively remove teeth calculus plaque and tartar,which may caused by long-time coffee drinking,smoking and food residue depositing.
  • 12000/min high frequent vibration make it has strong decontamination ability and can penetrates the place which the ordinary toothbrush cannot reach,and won't cause damage to the enamel and gum.
  • Equipped with 4 different polishing tips and the head is 360 degrees rotatable, which is convenient to remove stubborn stains on the teeth, flat stains, interdental stains and achieve great
  • The teeth polisher owns 3 working modes (Soft, Normal, Strong) for your choice,you can choose the ideal strength level according to the different kinds of dental plaque and tartar, and your teeth sensitivity level.
  • This Electric Tooth Polisher is lithium battery USB charged design,you don't need to change the battery frequently, more convenient.
  • 1).Polishing Cup Head,suitable for polishing increase tooth finish 2).Silicone Gel Head,suitable for removing stubborn tooth stains 3).Flat Brush Head,suitable for tooth surface stains cleaning 4).Tip Brush Head,suitable for tooth stains between teeth


Color: white+green/white+pink

Power supply: lithium battery

Battery capacity: 800mAh

Power: 1W

Voltage: DC5V/ 0.5A

Package Include:

1* Electric Tooth Polisher

4* Cleaning nozzles

1* USB Charging Cord

1* User Manual

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