Mini 16:1 Dental Apex Locator Cordless Reduction Curve

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  • Dental LED Wireless Mini 16:1 Reduction Contra Angle Endodontics Motor Root Canal Treatment



  Root canal apex locator is an endodontic treatment equipment, 

which is converted into mechanical energy from the electrical 

energy and meets the goal of root canal mechanical expansion 

through the mechanical motor drive, micro-control. This machine 

is AIO for handheld operation.

 This equipment is a special device for dental use. Do not use 

this equipment in other places.

Suitable Scope:

  Root canal apex locator applies to root canal mechanical 

expansion of dental root canal therapy. It is used for pulp 

necrosis, chronic gingival periapical periodontitis, chronic 

periapical periodontitis(including periapical granuloma, 

periapical abscess and periapical cyst), teeth with pulpal 

periodontal syndrome and systemic disease that is not suitable 

to extract a tooth but need for treatment or temporary 

retention of the root canal mechanical expansion.


1. The product is based on ergonomic design whose body is 

lightweight and is easy to carry.

2. When operating, using mini push - button 16: 1 (left and 

right reciprocating)Dental Contra-angle Handpiece to coordinate 

the machine files(hand files).

3. There are 6 kinds of procedures (Memory Set) for selection. 

It can input the data in advance, and also can modify 

it according to the working conditions in use.

4. According to the set load point, it can automatically reverse 

and stop working and is able to remember different actions of 

each program.

5. Soft start and soft stop can be achieved and the operation is 

more comfortable. Simultaneously, it won't break the needle when 

root canal files encounter instantaneous shock.

6. Dental Contra-angle Handpiece and lamp holder can withstand 

135℃ high temperature and high pressure sterilization.

7. Built-in high-capacity lithium battery, so it can reduce 

battery change times and reduce costs for the machine.

8. There is a voice prompt when lack of power.

9. With LED lamp and high brightness, it can help doctors get a 

better look at the root canal environment.


The type of electric shock protection      

Internal power supply

The level of electric shock protection    

Using part of B type

The protection degree of harmful liquid inlet   

Common equipment

Running Mode 

 Continue operation

Host machine

Battery Voltage       


Battery Capacity      


Net Weight      

About 210g

Power Adapter

Rated Input Voltage     

AC100~240V  60/60Hz

Output Voltage     


Input Voltage       



Package includes:

1*The Host     

1*Charging Dock  

2*Lamp Holder                        

1*Power Adapter

1* Motor cover       

1*Product Specification

1* Product certificate

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