Matrice 100 pieces/box XS/S/M/L dental interdental wedge

DentaldenshineSKU: 381037-8686



  • X-Small 1.2*1.4mm
The wedges are made of plastic, ensuring stability and compressibility.
The shape is different from the normal wedge, which is well fit in line with the real tooth gap.
Interdental wedges for the 3d design,the narrow middle part,good cross-section and bottom indentation meet the shape of the teeth and gingival papilla,and larger the area abd force to matrix bands. 
flexible,four tail shapes for four models,easy to indentify.
Size :
Large :      2.0 X2.3mm
Middle      1.5*1.8mm
Small        1.5*1.3mm
X-Small     1.2*1.4mm
Package Included:


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