High Speed Handpiece Dental Quick Standard Button 2 Hole Turbine CE Approved

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  • Dentist Dental Fast High Speed Handpiece Standard Push Button 1-Way Spray 2-Hole

- 2-hole standard push button handpiece
- 1-way spray
- Stainless steel bearing
- High temperature steaming at 
- Under normal circumstances bearing life: 5-10 months
- It has unique appearance design and fluent outline.
- Smooth as silk, it has excellent texture.
- People-friendly design, it is easy for operation.
- Best quality cartridge, it is easier for cleaning.
- High-speed turbine rotation, it has better performances.
- Noise-free and stable. 
- Applicable Bur: 1.6mm and should be conformed to ISO standard.
- Only for people who have dentistry medical qualification.



Standard Push button type, high speed handpiece, 1-way spray 2 hole  


Standard cartridge  

Needle Change Type  

Push button  

Air Pressure


Water Pressure  

198Kpa (2 kg) 

Rotation Speed

370,000-420,000 rpm  



Head Height

13.14 mm  

Head Diameter

φ12.5 mm

Bur Applicable  

φ1.59mm~φ1.6mm×21mm~23mm (diameter×length) 





- Long Life-Span
- One Year Manufacturer Warranty

Packing List: 
- High speed dental handpiece: 1 each

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