Dental piezoelectric ultrasonic scaler with fiber optic LED handpiece and separate water bottle

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  • This ultrasonic is mainly use for teeth cleaning and also an Indispensable equipment for teeth disease prevention and treatment. The new product sonic piezo scaling,perio,endo and autowater supply functions.User-friendly design ,much more convenient when operating.Clinical Fluid are available for automatic water supply mode: Hydro-gen peroxide, chlorhexidine and sodium Hypochlorite,etc

Characteristic for Dental Ultrasonic Scaler:

1.The china's first,will be applied to build LED light source inside the handpiece to help doctors see more clearly in the course of treatment,precise operation.
2.Touchtone,NC switches can be used to control all functions,easy to operate

3.One-touch foot pedal,sensitive treatment.
4.Detachable handpiece can be 135℃ and 0.22MPa autoclave sterilization and to effectively prevent cross-infection.
5.Bottle water supply,in order to satisfy using pure water or disinfectant.

Specifications for Ultrasonic Scaler:


1.Operating Frequency:24-32 KHZ
2.Supply Voltage:2.4V DC,1.7A
3.Output Voltage:AC100-240V,50/60HZ
4.Input inlet pressure:1-5Mpa

1.Power Input(with transformer input devices):-220V±22V 50HZ ±1HZ 120MA

2.The output of the main vibration of cutting-edge offset:≤100um

3.Semi-offset output power:<2N

4.Missed the tip vibration frequency:29KHZ±3KHZ

5.Output Power:3W-20W

6.Inlet Pressure:0.01Mpa-0.5Mpa

7.Transformer Weight:0.95KG 

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