Orthodontic Bondable Single Tube 200 Piece First Molars Roth 022 Monolithic Base

DentaldenshineSKU: 381426-3511



  • One piece construction make the brackets never drop from the pad when bonding.
  • Funneled entrance helps guide wire into the buccal tube.
  • The surface is more smooth which improves patients comfort level during the treatment.
  • Unique design round edge , very comfort wearing.


For Dental Orthodontic Use

Single tube,Monoblock Base

Size:1st molar

Model: Non-Convertible

Orthodontic Dental System:Roth

Slot: 022


Quantity: 50 kit each kit contain 4pcs (UL*1pc,UR*1pc,LL*1pc,LR*pc)

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