Dental 1 Second Curing Lamp Curing Made Easy - Cordless 2300mw/cm2 Power Supply Wireless USB Charging

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  • Dental Cordless LED Curing Light 1 Second Cure Lamp 2300mw/cm2



This product is used in fast solidifiction by lighting dental resin. It is a new generation of standard developed LED curing light, with humanity intelligent chip, the world advanced high instensity LED light and Li-on rechargeable battery. It can cure all the dental resin in the market nowadays.


1.USB charging mode

2.Two working modes:P1(9W,more than 2300mw/C㎡) P2(5W,more than 1200mw/C㎡)

3.Working time:P1:1/3/5s   P2: 6/10/15/20s

4.High temperature and high pressure disinfection,autoclave up to a max 135℃ it's recommended to autoclave for 20min at 121℃ or 15min at 132℃

5.360° rotating light source

6.90° right angle illumination

7.1 second cureable 3mm resin

8.irradiance more than 2300mW/C㎡


charging Input: 100V to 240V, 50Hz/60Hz

charging cradle inputDC5V 1A

battery voltageDC3.7V

battery capacity:1500mAh

wave length385-515nm

light intensity2300mW/C㎡

charging time:3hours

Package Includes:

1*Main body

1*Power adapter        

1*Charging base    



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